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EVA and Hope

Evangeline Markvoort passed away two weekends ago, days before she would have been 26. She had been in the hospital for more than two months awaiting a second double lung transplant to counteract the effects of cystic fibrosis, but the operation couldn't happen in time to save her.... because of a lack of an appropriate donor.

Her blog here on LJ is public and her username is 65redroses, which is a child's phonetic pronunciation of the disease.

After her first transplant in October 2007, she was able to use the next two years of her life to complete filming a 94-minute documentary about her illness, "65 Red Roses", which won three film festival awards at the VIFF 2009 last October, one of them national; the film was telecast all over Canada last November and twice again last weekend.

She was an actress, trained at the University of Victoria, and we exchanged some suggestions about theatre since I relate to that as a career. She was also an accomplished makeup artist, the icon is one of the examples of her art which she did using a friend as a model.

I also relate to Eva's life because one of my Friends in Israel was born with the same inherited disease.

But Eva kept her blog and website going even through all her pain, and some of the things she said will live on for a long time.

Last November and December she talked about "my life goals are happening even though I'm not there to see it." She wrote about how much she had been moved by a teacher having written from Los Angeles that her entire class was following Eva's story, through her blog, as an example of courage and hope. "I simply know that I will be ok because I am surrounded by love and caring and prayers. And that brings me peace and grace and calmness."

"Ï am still. There is a perfect clarity to this stillness. People are what matters. How we treat people. The love that connects us. I see the world as made up of connections of love... every person connected to the ones they love by beams of light pouring out of their hearts and into the hearts of friends and family and lovers around the world. And it's all that matters."

"If my lungs stop working I still won't die --- I will live forever in the hearts of those who love me. They will sing when my body is gone and my voice will be there too. I am not afraid."

About her film, she commented that "I hope it transcends cystic fibrosis and transcends even illness itself. I hope it just shows what is possible when we allow herselves to really care for one another." And also: "If just one person becomes an organ donor, it will save a life." So she felt her advocacy would be worth it. Later, after one telecast, organ donation pledges tripled in Canada and increased throughout the world.

The hits on her various sites run past a million now, and there are plans to try to get the film telecast in the United States, here in Holland, and in other countries as well.

Later this past March she said:
"...as the sand settles through the sieve
i once again find calmness
as each day passes
one word rings true
...i can do this."

Connections of love can transcend time also. Lots of time.
The life in those words has not gone. And never shall.

One of the cards on her Wall of Love reads:
May your sunrises be filled with promise / and your day with love
May your sunsets be filled with rainbows / and your nights with peace.


*** *** ***

And this coming weekend marks the end of the second year Kiota has passed onward.
But that is a separate post.


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