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all that glitters

Over here the papers are slanting their Oylmpic Games coverage toward Holland, (duh) and there has been quite a success story this week. In the photo, the skater on the right is Laurine van Riessen and on the left is Annette Gerritsen:

48 hours before this race, in another speedskating event Annette had slipped, had fallen on her backside, and tumbled across the ice, crashing into the track wall and bouncing off it, and along it, at high speed. In this present race, which was 1000-meters so it was twice as long, she missed the fastest speed by only two hundredths of one second, going on to win a silver medal. While she was still recuperating from her earlier injury (the L side of her face is still banged up and the edge of her mouth was cut.)

Her teammate, Laurine, was skating in her first Olympic Games ever, never expecting to win anything. But she competed with all her skills and with her heart. She came in third and won bronze.


Sometimes courage becomes visible and exciting.

The top medal might be just a lot of PR, but of course it is prestigious to bow when they place a gold medal around your neck. But it's not all that glitters.

As their smiles tell you!


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Feb. 22nd, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
I like that! Gold and diamonds = a super-medal.

Last night a two-man bobsled turned upside down, in fact two of them did at separate times... the men were well-protected and the rescue teams got them out okay, but at 100km/hr plus, it turns your stomach to watch it happen... sometimes athletes make errors and other times the track-builders do.

I go with Petra and her healing ribs! Hopefully she wears her medal all the time while convalescing... bet her award will have a lot to do with all that =)
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