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there came the sun to hold

After Christmas a whole grey sky settled in... hardly any sun for a whole month. You had pearl grey, slate grey, slate yellow-grey, luminous-foggy grey, dirty grey, dusky grey... wish I had some of these colors to use on stage. Anyway: last January 3 a gull flew between the shafts of two tower cranes and reflected the most recent sunset:

And of course trees are always at work. Through all seasons and under all colors of sky, roots are working and growing and getting the rest of the tree ready for more illuminated weathers. This one posed for her blue lighting at a carnival in the park next door against the reflected deep ochre sky in the early evening, during the holidays:

Of course the strings of glowlights brightened things up a bit too. Her branches reminded me of veins in that light.

Then, early this month the sun came out strongly enough to cast shadows one morning. It projected a tree, which I couldn't see, across the street and put it onto a yellow screen they were using in construction. And it was a welcome contrast to all the straight lines and sharp angles of their scaffolding, also cast in shadows against the wall:

Of course on the stage we do scenery projections all the time. You can get lots of mileage out of shaped shadows, silhouettes, not just of scenery but of dancers and actors in motion.

Of course the tree shadow wasn't intended to perform in front of an audience. It wasn't intended to do anything but pass along and vanish. (Maybe pose for anybody who might notice... like me, heh.) And vanish it soon did: thick clouds reappeared, sun moved on somewhere; the real tree did not but its shadow would come back another day. Maybe.

Shadows can be images of people who have passed through your real life, stayed awhile and maybe won't ever return again. Except as you bring the light to the prints they've left on your days or years. Except as you bring the light from inside.

And when you do, it doesn't matter what color the real sky really is at that moment.
Assuming everyone agrees about what "real" is.

You find agreement like that about as often as you find the sun beside the North Sea in Holland in January =)

To everything there is a season.
That's not original with me, but it's appropriate... All the times.


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