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the naked Christmas tree

No, this isn't about porn and it isn't about these iconic trees either. These are on a ridge, part of a Montana skyline also photographed by Ki, maybe 2007. They're in their natural condition...

There is an archaeological dig site just up the street: a place where an orphanage complex, home spaces for homeless kids and single mothers and old women, stood for 200 years -- mid- 1600's to mid-1800's. Next year there will be a luxury apartment/condo building here, 50 meters high. With an underground garage.

But last week something strange happened.

Someone broke down the fence and hauled a big concrete block onto the site and put up a single tree, without a single decoration. Maybe as much as ten meters high. Seagulls were flying around it against the sky:

And whoever did this broke down a section of fence to do it: I mean, trampled it right into the snow:

No truck tire tracks across the sidewalk, across the fence, onto the dirt. Just a few footprints. And although the snow has melted now, both the fence and the tree have stayed there. Just like that.

I like the breaking down of the fence --- it's on a big posted area, KEEP OUT or else --- and maybe some parts of your life get involved with breaking fences down too. I also think it's great that you can imagine it with whatever decorations your mind wants to put on it. Even lighted candles [illegal outside in the City, unattended.]

Or maybe you like it just as it is.

In fact I like the seagulls wheeling past it, too. Would never have thought of them as "decorations". They were singing. And it wasn't Christmas carols.

Somehow it's all in keeping with hundreds of people who used to live in the four orphanage buildings that once stood here. Who were poor. Plain, simple. No question of a tree, much less a decorated one, unless someone gave it to them. Which would have been fine, too... and deeply appreciated.

Mostly in its natural condition: a plain and simple tree.

In remembrance. With its own majesty.


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