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Kiotara anthem /1 : caught in the curves

I said there was a love affair. In fact there are two.
Male and Female God created them and I fell in love with them both.

If you want to know how a mistress linkage works, ask a triangle.

Euclid taught that the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees and parallel lines never meet. The shortest distance between two points is a 'straight' line. Everyone knows the score, and women are held in tension away from one another.
The shape is beguiling, and it could be understood as a new geometry of family life.

Unfortunately, Euclidean theorems work only if space is flat.
In curved space, the angles over-add themselves and parallel lines always meet.

So the SO and the OSO met.

Perhaps if this story had happened before 1856 I should not be telling it to you at all.
In the 19th-Century, people knew their place: triangles are triangles, on a flat sea the boat hardly rocks. But what happens when the sea itself plunges away?

In 1856 a poor obscure German named Reimann lectured that Euclid is true only in terms of flat surfaces. If the surface weren't flat, then two thousand years of mathematical smugness might not be smiling.

60 years later another poor obscure German named Einstein realised that light beams bend under gravity. Therefore, the shortest distance between two points is a Curve.

So if light travels in a curved line it would mean that space itself is curved.

So the pitch of her body under me, and she says 'Until you are ready to love, there is no one to love.' She says this caught in the curves of her own light. My willing captive.

Is this her breast under me? Sphere of the thinking universe, wilful plunge of the sea?

Walk with me. The past lies in wait. It is not behind: it seems to be in front.

How else could it trip me as I start to run?


adapted from :Jeanette Winterson, "Gut Symmetries", (c) 1997


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