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de zwaarste sneeuval in 25 jaar

...well, not if you're a penguin family, I guess.

The heaviest snowfall in 25 years?

Last week NE Holland got maybe 10cm, we got a few last Sunday: maybe three inches.
Three inches in Boulder, Burlington, or Boston is nothing at all. But in den Haag there are no snowplows, apparently: people carried their bikes through the wind as it blew the snow into drifts.

The city went somewhat nuts. No buses for two days, no trams/streetcars for three.
The merchants went somewhat nuts too, no shoppers except intrepid ones.

So we were very far from last November's Dance Parade in the rain: these kids are not any longer sitting in front of their styrofoam waterfall, which by now would be frozen:

And if anybody wanted to wear anything like the dancers from December 1, these women would be bound together with real gauze bandages if they tried this on ice:

We had a British ice hockey school team visiting the hostel. This is Ian building a two-meter-plus snowman in front of the front door: three of them rolled up each of the bodyparts and it was amazing to see them trudging along to roll up the sticky snow along the canal banks, into a bigger-and-bigger mound; people stopped to watch:

And this is the headshot for the talent agency, when he was done: a Heineken bottlecap for a nose and astonishment that the snow is still coming down:

A family across the street started rolling their own. Here, 'rolling their own' means snow-bodies. That's an unusual use of those words here; about 25-years-unusual lol

They live right next to a Daycare Center across the street, where the kids' teachers had already decorated the window. From INSIDE the school, yessss... The irl snowman didn't get blue buttons but he wore a color-contrasty scarf:

And the little boy got lifted up by his Dad to wield his snowshovel so he could contribute to the construction too.

Both snowmen are gone now, rained on and melted, toppled-over.

But the joy remains.

And Ian and the lads won most of their games in the tournament.
And they did not break anything.

I don't play ice hockey any longer but I have not broken anything either, moving carefully on the sidewalk ice / slush. So that is a cause for my holiday rejoicing also!


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