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the Virgin and the camel

Underneath the starlight when the sky is clear enough, Kerstmis celebrations continue to be a big deal in the very big deal City Hall downtown. Lots of music, pro and volunteer, and other stuff. Some of the festivities come from high school groups and orchestras, and one of them even performed on a rare morning when the sun came out. They proved that (1) it's hard to look at the conductor when the sun's in your eyes; (2) it´s hard to sing when you hold the wordsheet in front of your mouth:

And once again this year we have de Levende Kerststal [The Living Christmas Creche] courtesy of the Royal Zoo. Donkeys, lambs, an ox, and of course The Holy Family and all the kings and Wise Men. The Virgin Mary got out of there sometimes to walk across the floor and sing with various choruses; one time I don't think she intended to shelter underneath the camel's neck but it happened when she talked to the crowd:

I think this neatly shows the scale of the camel.

The shopping streets are brightly lighted again too, this bridge of lights stretches across the walkways... and they keep all cars out of it, not just now, but all year:

And for once there is snow and ice all over. Too much of both. For two days straight, the tram system and most bus lines have been shut down.

But that doesn't bother the lighting, which reflects brightly.

Nor the animals, who stay inside all the time.

Probably smarter than we are...


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