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Arms Around You

This continues the post below it :)

Another projection onto a sculptured head:

The dance is ultimately about resurrection.

From the Program Notes: "Arms Around You is about the embrace of a lover around her sweetheart with love; it's about the protection and care of a mother enwrapping her child; about the support and encouragement of a child care worker; about the arms of solace. But also it's about the arms in the sense of armour, of self-protection, and the development of the skills she needs to safeguard herself against infection; it's about the education, the learning of skills with which young people all over the world can teach themselves --- to use against unwanted sexual advances and intimidations, against those who want to violate their boundaries."

And the choreographic narrative followed that, pretty much.

The costumes were strips of gauze, five inches wide, worn over flesh-colored underwear; gauze strips visually duplicating those on the sculptures. One dancer danced in a projected slide while others moved the "screen" slowly up and down, off the floor behind him:

This dancer is working next to part of the ninth head which will be a part of the next sculpture: Ciska plans 25 in all, by the year 2015, one for each million:

And here are Arms Around You:

These two women have just done a resistance-struggle-duet, they've separated physically but are still friends emotionally. Showing the costumes more clearly:

The last scene involved dancers approaching the audience and leading members one by one to each sculpture, posing them in a touching stance: this one features the sculptress:

During the sequences, the dancers have emerged one by one from underneath the cloth covering draped across the "feet" of each sculpture.

Extremely powerful.

Hope for prevention and hope for resurrection.

We can touch them with our hands and then we can touch them with our remembering.

And as always: those we remember do not die at all. We can keep them in our hearts as long as we have a heart.

And far beyond that too.


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