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Well, on the City Hall Plain, anything can happen.

In the afternoon I came upon a girl on stilts and this guy in an elastic harness. Both were obviously dancers because their choreographer, in harem pants, was moving them carefully around over the broken tiles:

He was attached to the roof over the theatre lobbies by twenty to thirty meters of flat elastic ropes, several strands of them, which he strained against. Kids were fascinated:

There is a third dancer, also, waving long flat spearlike extensiions belted to his arms, perhaps he was the spider lost in the fountains, which are flowing most all the time even when it rains:

I asked if they were going to wear costumes, yes, was the answer, a full performance was going to be staged in the evening, right there in front of the main entrance to the dance theatre. How to fill a thousand seats. Start when you're little?

And with stark spotlighting in the hour before curtain, they looked like this: she approaches his web and rolls across his shoulders and down:

And her face, close-up, as she approaches him; in the evening, she also danced all through the crowd blowing us kisses, her face looked like it had ball-bearings underneath it:

Lighting designers often design for shadows, we play with them. This one is especially juicy because it shows what his arms are doing even better than you could see them directly:

So many audience members stopped to watch all this that they had to be encouraged by the ushers to get their butts into the theatre lobby!

And somehow cars and taxis moved carefully through it all, dropping off passengers at the front doors.

I can't hardly imagine this happening at Lincoln Center in NYC, or even at the University of Texas' Bass Concert Hall. But here in Holland... well, it's different!

Vive' la difference.

That's not Dutch and they're not French, but they staged quite the spectacle. Without a stage. It's called Site-Specific Dance Art, I'd guess, and I don't know the Dutch for that, but there you have it!


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