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de Dag van de Vrede

That translates to "Day of Peace", which was Monday. Hundreds of kids in grades 7 and 8 took part in some international support for the UN.

They started from the Peace Palace and marched about 2.5 miles to an outdoor dance concert where they were the dancers. When they started out, they looked like this, and the newspaper photo caption reads "Schoolkids leap up yesterday along the Peace Palace, in a peace march toward the Plein":

But when they got to the stage at the Plein, it was a bit different:

I liked picking out different faiths and different countries of origin. Right after I took this, they spread out around me and I was kinda swept back toward the viewing fence. One of the dances they did was in separate circles of seven, a circle dance with a chant, it sounded very much like it was of Israeli heritage:

And they gave me a rainbow flag of peace:

I like this a lot; one reason is because all the bands of color are clasped right together with no room between, and they all come from a single beam of light, white as it hits the prism, multicolored as it emerges.

The kids look like they are somewhat far ahead of the actual adult UN delegates when it comes to peace... although many were somewhat rambunctious. But they were organized, at least the dancers and bubble-blowers were, and they were enjoying themselves immensely.

So I think we all can learn from them...


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