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a colorful company of traveling players

No, the lion isn't among them {yet.} And the Dutch for my post title is: "een bont gezelschap aan reisgenoten."

So the cast includes slinky, tricky gnomes; terrifying knights; and overworked sorcerers; and a royal wedding, sort of:

But this pic gets ahead of the story. Two hours earlier the sun isn't down yet and the king is trying to sleep in his bed, with sound-effects snoring:

Of course I understood the Dutch for 'no photos allowed' so I had to hide my Digital Rebel and got into some trouble setting the exposure time properly, so I got some blur --- could have used some sorcerer assistance there... but here are some production shots of the show ["Lizzy -- Chaos in the Queendom"]. Of course the company is colorful once the Lighting Designer {David Krom} and Costumes {Sandra Smit} did their thing and the sun exited:

Those are the demented reindeer at the end of their song, in a tableau: one of their sisters has been captured and will be returned later.

Courtiers have been captured by ... whatever these are, they're ravens in pink tutus or flying dogs bothered by the high pitches from whistling teapots [explained below]:

And the reindeer no doubt all graduated from hopping school, this proves they can execute choreography faster than one-tenth of a second:

While the King is snoring, six elf-gnomes steal his large pink whistling teapot [it's not hot enough yet to whistle, just to singe their hands a little.] So a ragtag platoon is enlisted to go get it again. Lizzy is a girl who does not waste her time in silly kids'games, she'd rather go hunt: so she runs away from her hovel and dresses in a man's armor and goes out on the search. At one point the king is captured too, but he's saved, Lizzy gets married [the red carpet / castle scene, above] and the finale anthem consists of all these urgings to do your own thing and be your own person, despite overtired wizards and all the rest of any strange creatures whose antics you will have to overcome along your way.

Umm... yeah: a *children's* musical?

And the set endures, as it has since the 1200's:

A 13th century castle and a 21st century production in front of it. At the intermission the kids had "died" so we audience had to step carefully among them on our way out for soft drinks [exiting across the stage.] After a suitable interval, they all resurrected --- in character, too! -- and got ready for the second act. And all the other shows.

In the real history of this courtyard, real battles had been fought too, real knights had been wounded and killed. But that's not the message of the evening.

So even the grounds were resurrected and transformed. Along with our colorful company of traveling players. Which on some level I think each one of us is a part of.

And that's the way it is.


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