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chaos in the queendom

That's the subtitle of a children's musical being performed this week. The title is LIZZY and it's original, involves about 26 kids and a pro staff. And this is NOT an icon of Lizzy, that's Larisa back at Evergreen. But Lizzy looks very much like her.

The kids play demented reindeer and oversize bunnyrabbies, and the leads can really sing. I wiggled and hopped my way into a rehearsal last week, putting on a show like a lost tourist {but everyone was too busy to notice me, heh!}:

This looks pretty savage but those reindeer are trying to chew the tree down, at least I think she wears a tree costume, haven't made it to a night perf yet. One of the lead singers wore his Michael Jackson red jacket, but he's a tree also:

She's even a dancing tree, too:

These kids are full of vinegar and cactus, but they seemed to take direction well. In the end, Lizzy gets married to a Moroccan princeling and the trees are restored and everyone lives happily ever after. And the setting is glorious:

That's part of the light bridge on the L, above the first rows under the audience tent, and that's the west end of the castle facade on the R. The castle dates from the 1200's and it's real, they didn't have to build a single stone, they use the flight of steps for the marriage ceremony. By the time that happens, this rabbit has been freed from her cage: which is very mobile and very cute, complete with a water-bottle like every bunny needs:

I used to work on shows like this with kids like these and it's just a big time-travel back to then. It was a great thing to re-live. Here's one of the choreographers moving out of frame to the L as chaos seems to reign:

My home theatre in Texas, THE VORTEX, has just finished a run of the futuristic play RUR, in our Summer Youth Theatre program --- starring kids also. So at a distance of thousands of miles and in front of an 800-year-old castle, I somehow felt right at home. The area where the rabbies and the dancing trees do their thing used to be a hanging ground, yay for changes since the 13th century. It's all good!


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