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of colors and promise, moist and dry

When I went back to Kiota's dorm last August, I stayed at the same hotel: this time flowers were in full bloom, the hotel gardeners give a lot of attention to flowering the landscape, and I think this is a... maroon/pink orchid family?

And this last Spring, maybe a kilometer from the North Sea, when it was cold, these flowers were opening little by little anyway:

In all three of these, there are buds and shoots protecting the flowers to come, when the weather is better and when the blooms are ready, in their good time. It's almost more exciting to think about the promise, to imagine what all of them will look like in full flower.

In that same park near the North Sea, a family of 11 were getting some food donated to them, and that's a big help especially since nine of them are the same small size that will fit into your hand...

No doubt by now they're as big as their parents.

Water drops are a family of prisms, as well as being necessary for life... as prisms they can bend colored light and that's why lights are used so much in fountains. Tiny spotlights are embedded next to the fountains, into the slates of the City Hall plaza, right outside where I'm writing this... they're turned off since it's afternoon now, but last night...

The lights are programmed to change color inside the same lamp; this is when they were red, reflecting lights in the puddles, and street lights across the plaza. The slate tiles have grids built between them to drain the water away. These next are shifted to red lavenders, and the pumps vary the height: when they are low, the bubbles refract light in a big clump, but when they shoot up the whole effect changes:

And some of the lights combining to mix into the higher fountain sprays can look almost brown, which is surprising because brown is not a spectral color at all:

And some of the light coming from the buildings adds a blue tint to the grey slate:

That's orange-amber in the background to the left, going through a color change. There are perhaps three dozen of these embedded in the "ground", but they seem like a lot more at night.

As in most pictures, they are NOT worth a thousand words, just a tiny hint of what it's like to have the spray kiss your face or ducklings cheep at you on parade, as they stop everybody on the footpath... and to feel the peace of the simple beauties of a flower at Olympia... time might move you far past the moments these images lived in, but they will create again, re-create and re-create...

And they sing their messages to whomever will choose to slow down to clear their minds or hearts to feel and hear them, for a moment... or for eternity too.

Blessings Be.


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