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Emancipatie Feest

Pink Saturday was on June 20 and it was billed as a big Emancipation Festival, the greatest straight-and-ally-friendly festival in the country. Tens of thousands of people attended; there were two R+R stages and lots of stret performances, dozens of booths run by support groups.

I managed to catch this raven flying across a row of balloons, ROZE in Dutch is their word for Pink:

There was a dance group of three women from Amsterdam backed up by a percussion band of maybe 10 drummers, I was amazed that they danced in high heels, one almost stiletto, on gravel:

That's Yaél leading the group, we talked after the show and she's not from Brazil at all, but instead was born and grew up in Tel-Aviv. So we had a great convo about Israel. I talked about Jerusalem and Efrat [and she knew where Efrat was] and she said she'd lived for two years in Brazil and studied dance there. They burned tons of energy but she said she wasn't hungry, just thirsty. They had one more show in the park, again on gravel, before heading back to Amsterdam. Somehow all those headdresses didn't lose a single feather, and no costumes fell off, but with their choreography that was a miracle!

Then there was this four-grrl band called PEP, on the large stage, no heels nor gravel. This is one of the guitarists who played on stage right, backing up the lead who played accordion and keyboards and screamed a lot...

The most dramatic group in the afternoon was The Four Blonde Nuns Featuring Leona. The Nuns wore vinyl tunics and not much else, there were only two of them and they weren't blonde, and Leona is the singer with the handheld mike. And the beard.

Everybody was having a rainbow-good time and I left before the drinking got out of hand, the biggest acts were in the evening and the biggest highs were too. And lots of police. Some in leather tights, indeed.

And they were right. VERY straight-and-ally friendly. I want there to be another one this month.

Especially if Yaél comes back too.


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