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Walk The World

Last Sunday June 7, the UN program against kids' hunger put on a series of 5Km walks in a bunch of major cities in the world to call attention to the problem and to attract donations. For 5 euro [maybe 8.50 US dollars] you could join the march and get a little red cup representing a meal at school for a child: your 5 euro would fill that cup 25 times.

In Sydney, Australia, a group of men hiked up on top of one of the spans of Sydney Harbour Bridge, in the dawn: spectacular. Here it was time-delayed when we saw it on this gigantic Jumbotron projector-TV screen. A very big deal here in den Haag: the start gate and the finish gate and a rock + roll stage all in the same place, the plaza outside the library; here's a film being made of an interview onstage:

And a shot of the electronic screen, she's eating some kind of pastry and talking to her mom. Lots of families went on the Walk:

There was this gigantic cup mounted on a bike platform [of course, this is the Netherlands] where you put your money in:

Along the march, one mom stopped the whole line of paraders and posed her daughter, I didn't ask, she just saw me shooting and stopped and encouraged her to say "cheese"... on her costume, the red and blue colors are significant, along with the white of her jersey [colors of the Dutch flag] and I thought the historical design was totally cute:

At the FINISH line there were plenty of camera teams to record it all for the papers / channels, rejoicers with red cups:

And of course if you want to get your dog on TV, you want yourself on TV too, so you try to put on your best photo-intense face:

And since even princesses get tired, if you're lucky you get to ride in your carriage across the finish line:

And both bikers and elders in motorized wheelchair thingies got to ride on the march, it was one of the great things about the day: the long long range of ages included in the walk. I am especially fond of the idea of kids generating donations to feed other kids:

And, since this IS Holland, the rain showed up too... after the walk was over, yesss! ... and after I'd scurried back to the hostel. The audience didn't care and the artists were underneath their covered stage, you could hear the music way down the street.

I hope the UN raised a ton of money across the world. There's enough food on this planet to feed everyone, the saying goes: it's just the distribution that's fucked up. Maybe this will make a tiny dent in that...

Blessings Be.


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