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Cairo University

---is where President Obama spoke about world peace and America's relationship with Islam and with Israel. He tried to strike a balance but one observer said his remarks would give Israel anxiety attacks.

"I reject what people of all faiths reject: the killing of innocent men, women, and children. Like you, I want the Palestinians to have a homeland that is a real state. And if you believe me when I tell you that's my goal for Palestinians, then you must also believe me when I say that Jews are also victims, that the Holocaust can't be denied, and that threatening to destroy Israel does nothing to help Palestinians."

One exception being reported coming out of Isreal is that Obama seems to be placing blame for sixty years of war equally on the Palestinians AND the Israelis... "Israel must acknowledge that just as Israel's right to exist can't be denied, niether can Palestine's."

He insisted that Hamas stop their strategy of violence... and that Israel stop building new settlements in the land Israel won by force of arms and shed blood over.

But there were not any concrete plans as to how America determined to bring all of this about. Or, in fact, any of it...

One part I agreed with totally is hs statement that to deny Palestinian women access to education is to oppress them. And to change their lives, limit them to be the poorer.

Today he goes to a concentration camp in Germany.

So I think this is a good beginning to reach out to Muslims. Muslims are the primary victims of al-Qaeda, and I think it is from them that serious efforts to stop violence from that quarter must come.


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