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TONG TONG 5 rock on wymyn

EDIT note: this will make a lot more sense if you drop down to TONG TONG 1 and read up from there.

So, maybe Miley Cyrus is a more appropriate metaphor than Brit? Anyway: this is the most revealing that the government of Vietnam would allow their costumes to be, lots of skin and tight pants and dangling gold cords with tassels from the bras. The opening pose was amazing, the rock score was VERY heavy on the drums, and I guess the message was not so much Women's Lib as Viva la Revolucion [whatever the VN equivalent of that might be lol] ... also the only sequence to add male dancers. -They- did not look like cranes at all. Bruce Lee, yes. Here's the opening pose:

Then, without missing a beat (of course), they swung around and --- with a finger-crane echo in the background --- they started to push {men} {democracies} into the ground, guess you could take your pick:

My icon talks about lust and flames, but here, as far as they could take it, it was much more of a metaphor... but had I just really seen delicate cranes and sun-hats and leaves? Of course, that was the whole point:

It''s where they brought those clenched fists right down into the audience, almost. And since I was squirming around in the front row... we all kindasorta ducked out of the way, hoping they wouldn't bash our cameras!

I hoped that liberation for Far Eastern women was more than a metaphor or a brilliantly-choreographed dance routine... though maybe it was pretty off-the-shelf by Western rock dance standards... but watching Vietnamese dancers get into it was awesome, they left you no doubt about what they were saying. The impression was also that it is so nontraditionally unusual for them to be doing anything of this kind... maybe that's just me, I'm far from an expert on Far East dance literature. First to admit that.

I think they should come back lots more than once a year. It took them until 2008 to get here, to Holland anyway and the Queen's hometown... (Vietnam became a unified socialist republic in 1975)... soyeah they've already been signed onto the 2010 program list.

All their instruments were authentic Vietnamese, too. One was a series of maybe a dozen pipes mounted horizontally on a stand, which the musician made different sounds on by standing behind each one and clapping her hands: the sound wave of the clap was amplified by the length of the bamboo pipes. One note at a time. But with the rest of the orchestra, stunning.

Can still hear the music from last week, and of course see the images move...


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Jun. 6th, 2009 02:06 pm (UTC)
There is something just so fascinating about observing and learning about different cultures. If I could spend my life travelling around and doing that, it would be amazing. So much is being lost to globalization nowadays.

...okay, I can't help myself. I just noticed that there is a little smiley face next to the subject line for posting a comment. I've got to click it and see what it does. Apparently there is a subject icon which I have never noticed, and you can change it. Interesting. I oughta get this tattooed on my forehead as a warning sign:
Jun. 9th, 2009 09:49 am (UTC)
An easily distracted subject icon?

I don't think of you as a bunny, distracted or not. More like this snowleopard mom, here. Doesn't look like she ever heard of the word :)

After all, how many bunnies do I know that climb 14ers?
(Maybe they hop up there?)
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 17th, 2009 04:00 pm (UTC)
And you would have loved to see how they moved in them, too... not just in this rock number, but in all their more traditional pieces tooooo <3
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