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We've just finished the Tong-Tong Festival. I'm told the tong-tong is a hole in an Indonesian tree, natural or where two branches of the trunk split but are very close. This reverberates when it's struck by a hammer or mallet, and the Indonesians use it to send sound warnings or community messages. Here in den Haag it's a twelve-day festival presenting culture and performance from Indonesia and India and other areas in the Far East. Including the National Theatre of Vietnam Music, Song, and Dance group, which totally hypnotized me.

The City put up multiple connnected big-tops in a public park, spreading over 215,000 square feet, enclosing four theatres and a cooking seminar classroom... this mother was -huge-. Here are nine of the ridgepoles from outside, one has lost its flag:

And this is what one of them looked like from inside:

I think this sucker is something like forty feet high or more, connected to all the other ones and supporting a rainproof cover so nobody got wet or blown away on cue :)

The Indonesian Pavilion was very cool, they had kites on the ceiling that were NOT like the ones I posted about in Fites For Kids, these are works of art that, I was told, really can be flown too. That's a mermaid in the center and a fierce bat in the lower right corner ---

There was a booth featuring woodcarvings and the lighting I thought was very cool also: probably these are a far cry from what is done by hand, it looks like a computerized toolset did these, but I liked the couples kissing and the mother and child sharing the same arms in a hug:

And given America's history with Vietnam, the slogan on this booth totally stopped me. CHARMING? Well, they sure were, but that was the dancers. The guys here wanted you to go to Hanoi ASAP or if you couldn't go, just send money lol... above their booth there's another set of tentpoles and curvies and what we call a flying bridge in lighting:

And then came the dancers, in the next post :P ... here it will be the one you've probably already read!


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