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CAMERADANCING with red stars

I guess the only close red star is a planet, Mars actually... if you're an astronomer you get to use a monster telescope and see far-off red ones that way. But, because this city is full of building all the time and the horizon is full of tower cranes, I get to learn more about red stars and how to dance with my Digital Rebel:

And this photo is less than one minute later. BIGGGGGG difference when I speeded up the exposure time by cutting the time the shutter was open, by 75% --- I love the darkened and enriched blues that came out:

ButBut --- the lighting did not change at all! What did my cam see that I didn't? It's the same photo only one-quarter of the way to where the first one got? Yep.

Maybe a lesson in waiting longer, of looking with wider eyes than that, of realizing that photos can evolve over time, and others' photos can too, as you look at them again and again? Also, realizing that you can manipulate your photos without a single tool from PhotoShop or Express?

Well, lots of you have been doing this for lots more time than me, so I confess to being totally impressed with myself {with no reason at all, of course, except it's all new to me... :P} And I'm also aware that there are wondrous artists that produce digital "photographs" that they rework into fantasies which express in a more accurate, more real way, what they feel and where they have been, than any direct shot ever EVER could. Liliana Sanches over at deviantArt comes immediately to mind, but she's not the only one, by far.

On my way to more red stars, this was half an hour later:

And twenty-five minutes after that, the facade lights on the buildings had gone out, and I now had red stars that looked more like little red apples, partly because of air disturbances between where I was and where the cranes were:

And of course it eventually all comes back to the basics: red boots, a blue shovel, and a watering can of course: I don't think at the edge of the beach she's going down to simplicity, who needs steel cranes when you've got the sun and the sand?

There's no limit on what she can teach me. No tripod necessary, either. {Even though this was last March and the windchill is right there in the surfy foam and the tidepools.}

Stars and sand: we've all been there. Or, will be.

Blessings Be.


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(Deleted comment)
May. 23rd, 2009 01:11 pm (UTC)
Yeah, quite a wind in that foam. Maybe she's taking a lesson in how much faster the North Sea can make mud than she can take it away. Even with her bucket standing by...
May. 23rd, 2009 03:46 pm (UTC)
Aww... cute kid. I love watching kids play on the beach.
May. 31st, 2009 01:01 pm (UTC)
O Kala --- you would have needed to wrap up in your battery-powered electric blanket, first! ... well, maybe YOU wouldn't, being all in love with your wildlife and tracking in your wild weathers, you're no doubt used to it... but I missed mine!
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