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Kites For Kids

One of the art charities in town organized a benefit, called "Kites For Kids". They invited 150 artists to design flyable kites and then they suspended them upside down all over the lobby of the City Hall, which is 14 stories high, here's what they looked like from the sixth floor:

Your eye just gets drawn onwards and upwards. And from the third floor, the art:

There were tons of bright colors but one stood out because it was an exception in silver, blue, brown, white, and mostly black:

The artists could choose any subjects they wanted. The idea is to buy a kite through the charity and the funds would go to one of the royal children's hospitals in town, actually to refurbish and expand a guest house, I was amazed to find out it's a Ronald McDonald's Guesthouse where parents of ill children can stay --- and this one is actually on top of the hospital.

Jan Wisse painted the girls. And, the designs of all 150 kites were on storyboards on the lobby floor, where I found hers:

The quote from her, in Dutch, translates freely as "When I am crying with anguished pain, my lover feels it just like I do."

Perhaps there are a lot of women here in the capital who would buy Jan's kite, and the Dutch love to fly their kites, there's usually a strong breeze off the North Sea. I happen to think that what she says is beautiful because you can see them sharing their sorrow, and I think in any act of sharing there can be healing and growth. If you put her kite {or your kite, too} on a string long enough, no telling how high they will fly ... and once they get up high enough, I bet the girls could start smiling through their tears.

Once you can see from that far up. Or if you're holding the string, from wherever you try to catch the wind.


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