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a riddle

So, what weighs 20 kilos / 44 pounds, fits comfortably in your car if you can get her out of school in the afternoon, drinks only up to three quarts of high-quality brew, and can run away with you at 60 km / 36 mph and if you encourage her, as fast as 110km / 66 miles per hour? And looks great in red?

This does:

Thee are plenty of shock absorbers and heavy springs, and when you put her big sister in the saddle, she looks like this even though she is camera-shy:

This all happened two mornings ago outside the front door of my hostel and I was totally charmed. She is awesomely illegal {the bike, that is} and it's because she's only a demo intended to get you to buy a much bigger one. No windshield, no license plates, if the cops come... well, that's why she fits in your car. Quickly.

She was sensational, her boyfriend had taken her on the elevator upstairs to his room to watch over her all the previous night, where she was another sensation, I'm told.

So, on the cobbled sidewalk, they wanted us to trip out at 60 kph but I'm not the best at balancing even when parked, especially not on top of anything like this, so I just looked as confident as I could [easy at zero speed lol] :

And this telephoto is one of a series from last month in the middle of the night at the North Sea, looked like the moon was dissolving the branch and moving into and through the tree trunk:

I would never take this 44-pounder out on a night like that, moonlight or not, cops or not. I'd never be able to keep her quiet and besides, I couldn't ask her owner if she had a headlight, he was laughing too hard as I tried to balance on top. He and his friends have no trouble with her, but they are experienced. They were in town for some kind of a high-school thingie, and home is the very teenytiny town of Zwolle, where it is easy to zoom down side streets, and hide from anybody in uniform.

But I'm working on my courage if they ever come back this way... :)


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May. 14th, 2009 02:41 pm (UTC)
I can imagine how you and I would look mounting her together. Even before we turned on the throttles.

I guess if we break her, we've bought her!
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