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it's playtime!

Good things happened on April 30 too [Queen's Day] and on May 5 [Liberation-from-the-Germans-in-1945-Day.] But the photos speak for themselves:

This is the family I met on the nation's biggest garage sale for kids BY kids, not in a garage at all but in a big field, the Maleveld. There are lots of bikes with wheelbarrow-type thingies on the front, here are the kids trucking off because they got bored and cold, early in the afternoon. Anna is sitting inside the cart:

They sold me a twenty-Eurocent cupcake but I had some brass US Dollars that are worthless over here (the banks won't exchange them) so I asked Dad if it would be okay to give one to each of them. He liked that because it gave him a reason to teach them about exchange rates:

There was also a set of stage shows, some of the acts were frankly miserable but the group "Lisa, Amy, and Shelley" was obviously experienced and drew a big crowd, rocked up a storm; Lisa is nearest the cam:

Then on May 5, two parallel stages were set up right outside the library (there's this huge plaza, it will fit hundreds of people of all sizes, plus trucks, plus even the Mayor.) High-shcool kids got into costume and passed out concert schedules to the crowd; this Stork in the middle hopped around flapping her wings and dancing her wild stork dances and hugging everybody, even meee:

I think the speaker systems on the stages could be heard in London [translation: a longLONGlong way] and this pic is one KISS of four of them [not the USA heavy-metal band, but they're big enough to have placed a CD track or two into a pop film] and even us big kids were impressed:

The blurs at the bottom are not part of the band, they are some parents rocking out.


Exhausting. Although all I was doing was taking pics, I had lots of company with that, and I discovered it's damn hard to keep steady with pint-size rockers pulling on your bag: you know they're there and dancing but you can't see way down to their level!

It turns out the Stork is the emblem of this city and that's why the city fathers pay her to dress up and do PR. Not to mention paying the reindeer, the Dutch Maid, the tiger who was off-camera but still dancing too. I think there was an elephant around there too. And a Dutch colonial patriot.

What's really cool is that not a one of them was alive during World War II because their parents weren't born yet either, yet they know exactly what freedom means, and how to enjoy it --- and I'm sure back in 1945 kids very similar to them were dancing right here in the streets, just like that. Maybe not flapping so wildly as Ms. Stork was, with quite the 2009 moves, but they've come a long way, baby.

I love her red sneakers. They're out-of-frame at the bottom but the same color as her kneesocks, just a lot brighter!

The production stage manager's were gold, the rest of her outfit was stage-technician black. So normally you couldn't see her on a dark stage. However, it was one in the afternoon...

Customs are customs!


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