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April 30

So today is Queen's Day, and after half a day of celebrations everything was shut down.

Apeldoorn is about 60 miles from here, I'm told, and the whole royal family went up there to celebrate the Day. They were all going down the street in an open bus --- which would be totally impossible in America, of course --- when a car driven by a 38-year-old man pulled up to within sight of the bus, then suddenly went out of control, mowed down four people in the street and crashed into a monument. Four dead, eight severely injured. They don't suspect terrorists. The driver is in the hospital under guard.

Most of the free markets were over by the time of the accident but Amsterdammers are not happy. Their parties are now over too.

It just shows you how quickly a Day of birth can turn into something else.

How quickly vehicles can change your life... my shock over last August 20 came right back to me.

But this morning it was a VERY happy time in this big park here in den Haag, they turn it into the country's largest garage sale put on by kids FOR kids. Stage shows, special rides, skateboarding and jump-bicycling course, junk food, a big meadow spread out with blankets and endless supplies of toys, dozens of families --- the whole nine yards. I met a family whose uncle is doing an internship in the USA at Cornell University in Ithaca NY, writing a book. The kids were industrious at the sale, they sold me a cupcake for 20-cents {maybe 26 cents in US money} which was scrumptious. But they got bored quickly and they left early at 1 PM.

I took about 14 photos and will upload them to Dad, who works for a nonprofit environmental corp here in Holland. I'll get them onto here soon, too.

It was only when they were packing up that he told me one of his kids there was named Anna. The most energetic and littlest one, too. Totally attached to her teddy bear/dog.


Cross-threads the whole day. You don't pretend to understand them or to see all the weave of the tapestry, you just accept them in peace. If you choose.

Blessings Be.


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