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James Turrell is a landscape artist from the USA, living in the Painted Desert in Arizona and working at the Roden Crater. In 1996 he came out to here the Dutch coast and built two sculptures: Celestial Vault and Panorama in the Dunes. The C-Vault is a mound of earth hollowed out like a volcano crater, landscaped inside with grass, with a marble "bench" in the middle of it. The bench is shaped like an A with a very very long base, so you can lie down on it with your head near the top of the A and stare straight up and also at an angle if you wish, so you can see the rim of earth at the top of the "crater".

This is after you climb up 55 steep steps and go inside an oval-shaped tunnel in the side.

The rim-to-rim diameter is maybe 30 to 40 meters / 90 to 120 feet? BIGGGGG. You feel swallowed up. Which is the point.

It is hot. I lie there and all I see is sky. No traffic echoes, only faint jet noise if any at all, and no buildings whatever. What I'm lying on is organic, too: polished marble.

Something else floods in, too: peace.

I took pics and will post them as soon as I can. It was one in the afternoon and the Vault is open 24 / 7 so I want to go back when the stars are out too.

Turrell was inspired by the Dutch astronomer Marcel Minnaert, who wrote a lot about the light in these parts, "light as if you can touch it." Dutch master painters were also inspired by it. Turrell obviously came here and felt the same thing. The Celestial Vault is not just a sculpture created in the hills behind the sand dunes, but rather what happens to you inside there is "an impression created inside your own head."

The impression that you can touch the light of the sky.

And that it can reach down and touch you. -Into- you, actually.

My post topic up there is the heading on the big sign outside the Vault.

Inside the Vault, as you lie there and clear your mind and heart, everything else drops away: wreckage, garbage, anguish, all vanished.

And I need to add that word to my word list remembering Ki, the words I posted the other day.


She put in years of work online to bring some peace and healing, as she could and as far as she was accepted into those lives which had been hurt, and that includes so many of you. One Friend wrote, "She was ALWAYS there for others..." and obviously that includes many of you, too.

At least four children in Cambodia have at least a little measure of peace in their lives now because of her, girls who had been abandoned and who were living on the streets and getting food and shelter any way they could. Their day-to-night-to-next-day fears are gone. They now live at the orphanage and are cared for by volunteers and professionals. Right as you read this, I'm saying. Probably by now, it's a lot more than four.

And of course I believe she found peace for herself, healing her own broken life. We all send her that hope for her peace and reflect it. In light.

Light as if you can touch it. And her.


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