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when your writing bursts to flower


If you want to catch a song
You must be well equipped.
Cajole it, tempt it, lure it to you
But trust must not be tripped.

It is not simple, to catch a song
It flits, it flies, like hummingbirds.
Wings move too fast to see:
A flying nest of words.

But you can catch one,
If you're prepared to try.
Willing to tend for it
For without care, it will die.

Set it on your windowsill
So it can feel fresh air
Speak to it, sing to it
Let it out when the day is fair.

When your writing bursts to flower
You will know you have finished your song.
Let it go and fly again, let it sing your story
For a song of heart can do no wrong.

Take these words,
Remember them well:
Catch a song, but set it free --
It has a story to tell.


This is my first and only attempt at rhyming. It was just one of those poems that seem to flow onto the paper.

:(c) Kiota Bandal 2003, posted 28 April 2003

::: ::: ::: ::: ::: :::

--- Part of a collection of songs she wrote at twelve, possibly thirteen. For me, the powerful imagery is that of a song flying into your heart and into your caring --- and the insistence that freedom, not captivity, is what enables a song to live. And a life, too.

Sharing, not prisoning it where there is no fresh air. She returns to the contrasts, even the battles, between captivity and freedom --- very many times in her work.

One of the things that was most impressive to the rep who was building the volunteer team in Cambodia was when she said this in her interview, early last year: "I don't want to go over there to save the world. I just want to save one child." To United Planet, this sounded thrilling: very focused and realistic, as well as personally idealistic too. Which was and is a part of Anna. Sharing. With abandoned orphans. With you.

There were a lot more things bursting to flower in her life than many of us might think in our mourning. And she goes on leaving these to us every day too, and I'm very encouraged when I am given the grace and vision to see them. And to sing to them.

Catch a song but set it free.

Feel the tragedy but set *that* free too.

As she told us to do, many times.

And so many of you were --- and are -- able to work on personal tragedies with the help of her love for each of us.

If you're prepared to try... Let it out when the day is fair.

Let it go and fly again... let it sing your story.

Blessings Be.


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