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If Pigs Could Fly

If pigs could fly
I'd take a pig
with a friend or five
speak of the times before
when the moon was not
blue cheese and
hell was fire

when dragons were myth
fairies only in fairytales

when rain was only water
never kittens or poodles or fish

when man still fought man.

How everything changed
when the first pig
floated slowly off the earth

the time before

when they locked up people like us
for daring to dream

and pigs
could not


I don't know what pigs would speak of now, but I know what this one might say:

"You just spent 149 euros on me so I can say anything I want, close your lips and listen!"
Here he is in the window of a toy store dreaming away happily, in the reflection of the buildings and trams and cars outside. He's safer than I am. He's a kite. He has also been in this window for quite a few weeks now because many people around here have much better uses for their 149 euros [including me.] I think he has a super smile, nevertheless.

Those are cute rainbow pinwheels behind him in their vase, too. Much less expensive, I'd guess.

Kiota writes this poem and posts it in April 2003, calling it "A personal favorite of mine." This February 2009 piggie reminded me immediately of the poem. I mean, he reminded me that she has written it... because the poem is far deeper than the pig. Who is see-through and mostly two-dimensional. He's pretty large, though, maybe 1.5 meters wide [4.5 feet; he'll cost you maybe 190 US dollars depending on what Obama has done with the American banks today.]

I do not know if this pig will be "floated slowly off the earth" because if the lucky purchaser takes his oinker over to the NordSee and hoists him into the wind, we will either have a shower of very expensive red confetti or a tripping piggy to Warsaw and points east. With Mr. Kiteflyer attached if he does not let go quickly enough.

Maybe that is why the pig is smiling. Do you think he is going to tell all his secrets?
Or, any of them?

I'm not so sure about the dreaming part, though. Who says a red kite pig can't dream? I'm sure he is dreaming of soaring over all the buildings across the street, far over the cobblestones, and never coming back to his barnyard. Or to his toy store window. There's a lot to be said for not being locked up. As Ki wrote.

Lots of dreams come in all colors, sizes, and shapes. Ki dreams. You do. I do.

And I haven't quite been to Warsaw or points east. Yet.


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Feb. 24th, 2009 12:37 am (UTC)
Yeah, I ran across that poem of hers and really liked it myself. When you posted it, I was thinking, "Oh, I've seen that before but where?" Then I remembered. :)

I would personally love to fly a pig. That would be so completely random, and I would laugh and laugh and laugh. :)

Edited at 2009-02-24 12:37 am (UTC)
Feb. 24th, 2009 01:33 am (UTC)
Moving and beautiful as always. You said you couldn't understand my thoughts about anthropomorphic construction equipment, but you weren't giving yourself enough credit--the way you make me feel as if I KNOW that plastic pig when I read this, as if there really is something to know--proves that you do very much. And its nice to know that someone does.

The girl who wrote that poem lived in the same relatively small town as me at the same time and was roughly the same age, yet I never knew her. What the hell was I DOING at the time? I don't even remember. But I wish I could have known her.
Feb. 24th, 2009 02:36 pm (UTC)
Why thank you!

I don't think he's very heavy in the plastic department, maybe some kind of thin film attached to his ribs/pipes, so he can handle the wind and soar for miles!

You would have clicked with Anna right away. She had just turned fourteen when she took this pig poem out of her collection and posted it... she also was into writing lyrics and setting them to music, playing her guitar and piano. I had been able to give her a video camera, and at the end of her life last Spring, she had just started interviewing and filming street kids from Olympia downtown, even bringing one of them [complete with his dog] up to school for a shower! It was part of a school outreach project that she was doing for credit. She did mention one girl who had performed guitar for her and gave her a "strong" interview, but that's all she told me about it. She loved running all around downtown for much of the nights, regardless of the weather.

She kept on being very interested in music and I bet you two would have crossed paths sometime... and you might have already, without knowing it!

I'm following your own music activity with a lot of interest, too... your summer tour sounds fantastic!
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